7 Best User-Made Screenlets For Linux

“f you’ve never tried desktop screenlets, you’re missing out.
We’ve previously discussed how to set up your screenlets, but we’ve
never put together a showcase of the best ones. Today we’ve
gathered seven of the best from Screenlets.org, and they cover
everything from audio eye candy to steampunk system monitors. If
you’re finding your desktop lacking in flash or functionality, look
no further.

“Getting Screenlet Support

“The screenlets package is available in the standard
repositories of several major distributions including Ubuntu. If
you cannot find it in your system’s package manager (such as Ubuntu
Software Center), it can be downloaded manually here.

“As noted in the introductory paragraph, further setup of
screenlets has been discussed on MakeTechEasier before. If you need
more assistance, check out Damien’s article here.

“1. Circle Sensors”

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