VNU Net: Java’s guru spills the beans

“James Gosling talks about his life, his work and his favourite

“Zombiehead: James, what’s your stance on Java in relation to
open source? It’s one of the reasons Linux is successful. Do you
see this as a future possibility?

JG: We’d like to deal with the problem of Java not working on
Linux. It’s a somewhat complex problem. The inter-operability
problems with Linux are just horrible. You have to be
excruciatingly careful because all the different flavours of Linux
are all slightly different.”

“SideshowBob: Is there space for a greatest common denominator
when the reality is that the vast majority of developers… want
tools that enable them to build the best possible Windows apps?

JG: We would like to ensure you can build the best possible
Windows apps in Java, but also we’re trying to make sure that when
you build that Windows app, it also runs on the Mac or Linux. If
you want to optimise totally for one platform, there are things on
our to-do list that we need to get to. At least these days the
to-do list is pretty small…”

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