Washington Post: Microsoft Prosecutor Fields House Questions

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for this link. ]

“The committee’s top Republican echoed other members of the
committee, particularly the Democrats, in asking that the House
permit the judicial process to take its course.”

“Ranking Democrat Rep. John Conyers of Michigan picked
up Hyde’s comment but turned it on Republicans by suggesting that
some members were using Microsoft’s antitrust battle with the
Justice Department and 19 states to boost campaign coffers or push
partisan issues.”

“Conyers also criticized Microsoft for a television
advertisement featuring Bill Gates that began running nationally
after the court’s verdict
that Microsoft had violated federal
antitrust laws. “I can’t remember this happening before where there
is a wholesale advertising campaign” while an antitrust case is
still in litigation, Conyers said. “It is an incredible

“But several Republicans took Microsoft’s side, reprising
several of the defenses the software giant raised during the
– that the case was about competitors’ complaints
and not consumer interests and that the dynamic computer software
marketplace was outpacing the antitrust case.”

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