Web Developer School: Working with CSS in Joomla!

“Working with CSS in Joomla! can be a bit daunting at first. But
like anything new, after you study and learn the different aspects
of it, you’ll be updating your CSS files with ease. To become
familiar with Joomla! CSS files, it’s important to learn how they
differ from the typical CSS layout that you might be accustomed to
working with for static HTML sites.

“As you know with Joomla!, you are not working with web pages,
you are working with articles, extensions and modules. Each of
these different parts might have their own CSS, depending on the
template that you’re working with. For the purpose of this article,
we will look at the Milky Way template, which comes as the primary
template when installing Joomla! 1.5. If you’re starting with 1.6,
the templates may be slightly different, but the basics will remain
the same.”

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