WebOS iternals at SCALE 9x

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this link. ]

“Wow, what a big week for WebOS Internals! We can
hardly take our eyes away from Twitter for fear that we will miss
the next bit of news from Rod Whitby. So, let us try to break this
whole thing down for you so you know what the guys at WebOS
Internals have had their hands on this week.

“First up, we have the Franken-Pre 2 news which we reported on
yesterday. In a nutshell, WebOS Internals took a Sprint Pre radio
and successfully got it to make sweet love to a Pre 2. The big news
here is that they finally solved the infamous 9.9.9 version error
that would not allow version-specific apps to show as available or
install properly. In the end, fooling the Pre 2 to think it’s
running 1.4.5 results in a fully functional Sprint Pre 2. The only
snafus that are present now are that you can’t buy apps that have a
minimum version set to 2.0.0 and all updates from on this device
will have to be doctored up since there will be no OTA updates. We
should also give a special thanks to Chris Jowett (@cryptkcoding)
for having to swap comms boards 12 times in 4 hours to work out the
Sprint Pre 2 method. Now that is what we call serious work! Thanks

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