What Sun Was Trying to Do with Open Solaris

“I was recently checking to see what, if any follow-up there had
been from Sun’s ham-handed handling of the Open Solaris Trademark,
and I ran across this very interesting comment from John Plocher’s
Candidate Statement for the Open Solaris Governing Board:

“‘I also think there was a misunderstanding about what Sun
desired when it launched the community (in part) to encourage
developers to adopt and use Solaris. My take is that, while there
*is* value in getting more kernel, driver and utility developers
contributing to and porting the (open) Solaris operating system,
there is significantly *more* value in having a whole undivided
ecosystem based on a compatible set of distributions, where
application developers, university students, custom distro builders
and users are all able to take advantage of each other’s

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