What’s New In Python 3.5

This article explains the new features in Python 3.5, compared to 3.4. Python 3.5 was released on September 13, 2015. 

New syntax features:

  • PEP 492, coroutines with async and await syntax.
  • PEP 465, a new matrix multiplication operator: a @ b.
  • PEP 448, additional unpacking generalizations.

New library modules:

New built-in features:

  • bytes % args, bytearray % args: PEP 461 – Adding % formatting to bytes and bytearray.
  • b'xf0x9fx90x8d'.hex(), bytearray(b'xf0x9fx90x8d').hex(), memoryview(b'xf0x9fx90x8d').hex(): issue 9951 – A hex method has been added to bytes, bytearray, and memoryview.
  • memoryview now supports tuple indexing (including multi-dimensional). (Contributed by Antoine Pitrou in issue 23632.)
  • Generators have a new gi_yieldfrom attribute, which returns the object being iterated by yield from expressions. (Contributed by Benno Leslie and Yury Selivanov in issue 24450.)
  • A new RecursionError exception is now raised when maximum recursion depth is reached. (Contributed by Georg Brandl in issue 19235.)