Where, oh where, is the ECMA-compliant Mono source code?

[ Thanks to Sam
for this link. ]

“Last week, Miguel de Icaza, a vice-president at
Novell, announced the release of version 2.8 of Mono, a project he
set up to create an open source clone of Microsoft’s .NET
development environment.

“De Icaza is extremely punctual in announcing these Mono
releases. However, there is one release which he hasn’t spoken
about for more than a year – and which, I think, he would like
everyone to forget about.

“The release that I’m referring to is something De Icaza
promised on July 6 last year when Microsoft issued a clarification
about the licensing of some portions of .NET – C# and the common
language infrastructure, allowing developers to use both under the
terms of its community promise.”

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