Whitelists and Blacklists

“‘It turns out that USB devices suck when it comes to
powermanagement issues :(‘ lamented Greg KH in posting some patches
to handle USB autosuspend problems. He noted that the patches were
intended for inclusion in the upcoming 2.6.23 kernel, ‘a number of
patches have been submitted near the end of this kernel release
cycle that add new device ids to the quirk table in the kernel to
disable autosuspend for specific devices. However, a number of
developers are very worried that even with the testing that has
been done, once 2.6.23 is released, we are going to get a whole
raft of angry users when their devices break in nasty ways.’ He
proved an example, ‘it seems that almost 2/3 of all USB printers
just can not handle autosuspend. And there’s a _lot_ of USB
printers out there…'”