WideOpenNews: Eazel’s No-Brainer: A Linux for Everyone

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“Paul Boutin asks the cofounders of Eazel how Mac veterans will
retool Linux PCs for the masses, and make money doing it.”

“With an almost unbelievable lineup of original Macintosh
staffers, newcomer Eazel garnered plenty of press recently just for
announcing its existence. The newly launched Palo Alto startup,
which aims to create a Gnome-based consumer interface for Linux,
boasts original Mac software architects Andy Hertzfeld and Bud
Tribble, evangelist-turned-executive Mike Boich, and original Mac
icon designer Susan Kare, along with an impressive array of execs
and programmers recruited from the likes of Netscape, Be, and the
Gnome project itself.”

Eazel’s business plan is to provide an open source consumer
desktop (code-named Nautilus, its source code is already visible in
the Gnome public CVS tree), then make money by delivering Net-based
services on top of it.
Wide Open News asked Eazel founders
Andy Hertzfeld and Bart Decrem to fill in the details on how a
bunch of Apple veterans actually expect to make Linux more