WideOpenNews: Torvalds at Transmeta

Linus explains why he joined the mobile

“Linux creator Linus Torvalds, who often comes across a bit
sheepish anyway, tried even harder to blend with the herd at
Wednesday’s unveiling of Crusoe. “I’m here, but I’m not supposed to
be the main part of this all,” he told a crowd of questioners, as
he sat shoulder to shoulder onstage with Transmeta executives. If
he caught the spotlight, “I’d just get killed really quickly,” he
said, as his fellow Transmetans laughed along with the audience.
But that didn’t stop anyone from asking him more questions.”

“Torvalds, described by Transmeta executives Wednesday as “key”
to Crusoe’s software development, explained that he first became
attracted to Transmeta more than three years ago, when he flew from
Finland to California for a job interview, saw what Transmeta was
doing, and “went back to the hotel and thought these people were