Wired: Linux Getting Its Game Face On

“In the old days, our hapless Linux lover would have had to turn
to his Windows PC to play a blockbuster game like Quake or Descent
because commercial game-makers just didn’t make games for the
relatively tiny Linux market.”

But as Linux’s popularity has grown over the past couple of
years, companies are working to make Linux gaming a comparable —
if complicated — alternative to Windows. And, in the process,
Linux gamers are equipping the fledgling OSS with the tools needed
to take on the Microsoft hegemony.

“Leading the Linux gaming revolution is a Tustin, California
company called Loki Entertainment Software, which converts (or
“ports”) popular Windows games for play on Linux.”

“We’ve changed the expectation,” said CEO Scott Draeker. “A year
ago, if there was a Linux version of a Windows game, it was a


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