Wired: Netscape 6: A Work in Progress

“Last year the company decided to toss out the spaghetti code
that was going to be Navigator 5, and started over to build
Netscape 6 around a new rendering engine code-named Gecko that
would include contributions from open-source developers….”

“Preview Release 1 is far from feature complete. Netscape is
more concerned with users test driving what’s under the hood than
what’s built around it. As a result, there’s a lot of basic
features missing, including keyboard commands, a history of Web
sites you visited, and the auto-completion of Web addresses. You
can’t even navigate backwards or forwards with the

The browser is only slightly faster than previous version
Navigator 4.72 when pulling pages off the Web, but it’s clearly not
in the league of Internet Explorer 5.01.
Although text-heavy
sites load quickly as expected, sites with substantial graphics
such as CNBC can cause it to choke, even on a cable modem