XFree86-3.3.3 is now available

From XFree86’s homepage:

“There are quite a few bug fixes in this release. If you are
having problems with a prior release, please try XFree86-3.3.3
first before asking for help.

Highlights of the new release include

  • Security enhancements including several buffer overrun fixes
    and other changes to fix security problems reported to us.
  • New chipsets supported including 3Dlabs, Rendition, Weitek
    P9x00, Cyrix MediaGX, Matrox G100/G200, SiS 5597/98 + 6326, Trident
    975AGP, NeoMagic, more Mach64 chipsets, C&T 69000, Riva TNT,
    EPSON SPC8110, Linux vesafb.
  • All XFCom servers from SuSE and Precision Insight have been
  • LynxOS 3.0 support.
  • FreeBSD/ELF support.
  • New XInput drivers for AceCad ADVANCEDigitizer, MicroTouch
    TouchPen, SGI dial box.
  • Numerous bug fixes.”

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