XtreemOS Consortium Announces Public Access to Open Test Bed

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The XtreemOS consortium, an FP6 European research
project, funded in part by the European Commission, is pleased to
announce the opening of a publicly accessible test bed. The purpose
of the test bed is to allow computer scientists, researchers,
students and other interested developers to experiment and learn
more about XtreemOS grid operating system.

XtreemOS is a set of technologies developed on top of Mandriva
Linux to enable ease of use on clusters and grids. XtreemOS has
been developed over the past 4 years by an internation al
consortium of 19 academic and industrial partners.

When asked why the consortium decided to open their test bed,
Dr. Christine Morin, a research director at INRIA (Institut
National de Recherche en Infomatique et Automatique) replied, “We
wanted to concretely demonstrate our efforts over the past four
years, as well as to seek interest from other computer researchers
and scientists to participate in the future development of
XtreemOS.” Dr Morin organized and has been the scientific
coordinator for the XtreemOS project since its inception in

Users on the test bed will be able to perform various tests,
port their applications and run jobs interactively within a grid
context. The test bed is distributed amongst several partners
throughout Europe.

Interested users are invited to visit the XtreemOS Wiki for
exact details at:

XtreemOS project website: www.xtreemos.eu

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