Xybernaut Corporation and Hewlett Packard Announce Worldwide Launch of New Wearable Computer

“… With its strong patent position, we see Xybernaut as the
perfect partner for HP to continue moving into what both companies
see as the next generation of personal computers — user supported,
wearable and ubiquitous.”

“The MA IV, at approximately twenty-eight ounces and a little
larger than a palm, features a 200 or 233 MHz Pentium(TM) Tillamook
CPU, up to 128 MB of DRAM and a 4.3 GB HDD, also features a dual
built-in PCMCIA Cardbus reader, a built-in mouse and built-in sound
for speech recognition and generation. The system has a USB port as
well as a port replicator capable of bringing out a variety of
accessories for virtually any peripheral, including bar code
scanners, GPS, wireless communications and test equipment for
diagnostics, trouble shooting, inspection, maintenance and repair.
The MA IV offers a choice of a one pound VGA color six inch flat
panel digitizer worn either on the wrist or in a sleeve on a belt,
or a full color VGA miniature head mounted display complete with an
integrated mic and tiny color video camera. The head mounted
display offers the wearer the same perceived image as a
conventional computer monitor at normal desk-top or laptop

“The MA IV runs industry standard operating systems such as
Window ’95, ’98, NT, SCO UNIX and LINUX, allowing easy porting of
existing applications for those who need access to computerized
information while truly mobile, keeping their hands and feet free
and their eyes focused on their real jobs.”

Complete Xybernaut press release

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