Yahoo!: Windows Users Demand Refunds

“At Microsoft Corp.’s Foster City offices Monday, Sato joined
about 100 computer users demanding refunds for Windows software
they say they didn’t want to buy and don’t plan to use.”

“Microsoft spokesman Robert Bennett said his company isn’t
forcing anyone to buy Windows.”

““You have the choice of operating systems,” he said. “You
can buy a personal computer with a non-Microsoft operating system,
you can buy a computer with no operating system at all. Most
customers choose Windows but you certainly don’t have to.””

“He said that although Microsoft won’t give them refunds, they
could go back to the company that sold them the computer.”

“It’s not that simple though.”

“IBM, Compaq, Acer and other computer companies do not offer
refunds to customers who aren’t going to use the Windows software
on their machines.”

“Instead, customer representatives at most major computer
companies send callers back to Microsoft.”

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