ZDNet: ColdFusion smooths Web development

“Allaire Corp.’s ColdFusion Web application server will take a
big step forward later this month when Version 4.5.1 of ColdFusion
Server Enterprise ships with new support for Linux and
significant improvements in scalability.”

“Along with Allaire’s ColdFusion Studio development tool,
ColdFusion already provides speedy Web application development
using an easy-to-understand, tag-based language and efficient
development tools. The new version will include comprehensive Linux
support and tight integration with Cisco Systems Inc.’s
LocalDirector load balancing hardware.”

“PC Week Labs tested Release Candidate 1 code of ColdFusion
Server Enterprise 4.5.1 on Linux and found the package a complete
and comprehensive port of the rich functionality that ColdFusion on
Windows provides. In particular, ColdFusion 4.5.1 on Linux
includes support for both software- and hardware-based load
balancing and transparent failover, connectivity to a wide set of
database and Web data sources, and a full-text search engine from
Verity Inc.”

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