ZDNet: How Microsoft Jilted Developers [re MS DNA announcements]

“Hat in hand, Microsoft is promising spurned developers it will
turn the Web into a ‘platform’ just as it did with MS-DOS and then
with Windows. It’s promising a platform with all the basic services
already built. And all the tools to quickly mix and match those
services to create powerful applications.”

“The formula has always worked for Microsoft. … In the past,
this formula staved off Apple. Beat up Borland. Knocked down
Novell. And won against every challenger.

Then the Web came along. And Microsoft forgot the formula and
switched partners. They started dancing with other people. Built
browsers for end users. Created content for consumers. Designed
servers for Web publishers. And left developers to flounder on
their own.

Now finally, with this week’s announcements, Microsoft is trying
to remedy its mistake. …it’s making all sorts of promises to
developers about what it will do to make up for its transgressions.
And you know what? They’ve got all the buzz words right.
They’ve got all the PowerPoint slides. They just don’t have the
products to back it up. And they don’t have the right

Despite the fact Bill Gates has been preaching the mantra of
simplicity for two years, the approach outlined this week is
clunky and scattered and complex and very, very
… 1980s.”