ZDNet: Life After Microsoft: What’s Next and What It Means to You

“…in the aftermath of the antitrust ruling… the legal impact
is much less than everybody imagines. And the business impact is
much more.”

“…the business impact of this decision will be immediate and
strong. The ruling…

… weakens Microsoft’s hold on the

… weakens Microsoft’s hold on the

… weakens Microsoft’s hold on the
This may be the most damaging result of all.
Microsoft is no longer seen as the best place to work. As the
best place to invent the future. As the best place for third-party
developers to invest their time and money.
Never forget —
Microsoft came to power because tens of thousands of outside
companies built great products for the Microsoft platform. Not for
OS/2 or Macintosh or Amiga , but for Windows. As that impetus
dwindles, Microsoft’s power will slowly erode.”

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