ZDNet: Microsoft, you lost me [on DNA announcement]

“It’s a whole family of existing and future products. …many of
which seem to overlap, that fit under that little DNA 2000 acronym.
And how are these supposed to make a Web-app developer’s job
easier, especially since the bulk of them don’t exist yet?

And where is the Web in all this? Oh, that’s Phase 2 or 3 of
Microsoft’s grand Web-app-dev plan… And what about hosting?
…Microsoft still can’t come up with a common message and pricing
strategy on this front, so it can’t talk about how megaservices
will be leased or sold.

Further complicating an already complicated subject, Microsoft
has now decided it’s uncool to talk about software. So, now
everything is a ‘service.’ …all software is now a service and all
Web sites are now services. Services are all programmable without

If you follow that line of logic, maybe it’s time to apply for a
job in Redmond. As for me, I think Microsoft may really have
shot itself in the foot this time. Instead of looking like a Web
leader, it looks like a company that can’t explain its way out of a
paper bag.”