ZDNet: Open source: KDE hits back at GNOME

KDE doesn’t want a corporate-backed foundation taking
charge of its desktop environment. But that isn’t stopping the
group from assembling a body to go head-to-head with the Gnome

“When the GNOME Foundation was born a few weeks ago, rivals at
the KDE Project said, in a Web posting for all to see: We don’t
need no stinking foundation.”

“But it seems the powers behind KDE may be rethinking that
strategy, according to sources claiming familiarity with the
open-source group’s plans.”

“KDE is now contemplating the creation of some kind of
foundation-like entity — which some are calling the KDE League —
to spearhead the direction and development of the K Desktop

“At the heart of the KDE vs. GNOME battle is the increasingly
heated question of how much power corporations should have over the
future of open source.”