ZDNet: Oracle’s Jarvis: Unplugged–But Not Unarmed

[ Thanks to Matt for this
link. ]

“As OracleWorld transpires this week, Oracle Chief Marketing
Officer Mark Jarvis hopes to give Microsoft some grief with version
2 of the Oracle Collaboration Suite. In addition, Jarvis is calling
OracleWorld a Linux festival, and touts the cost benefits of
Linux/Intel solutions over Wintel and Unix platforms.

“The sniping by tech titans does provide some bit of color in an
industry full of acronyms and technical jargon, but in the end
buyers are more interested in which companies are the best partners
and provide product solutions with a measurable ROI advantage.

“If it turns out that migrating from Microsoft Exchange to
Oracle Collaboration Suite delivers the goods, then Oracle deserves
crowing rights. It is the nature of this competitive industry to
play a continuous game of leapfrog until someone drops out of the
game. If beating Microsoft is what motivates Oracle to offer more
value in its products, and the end result is bringing more benefit
to customers, so be it. But I don’t think Microsoft will stand by
while Oracle or the open-source movement tries to eat its

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