ZDNET UK: Citrix opens door beyond Windows

“Citrix is set to release Unix versions of its MetaFrame server
software that would remove the need to pay Windows licensing fees
when deploying applications to thin clients. A Unix version would
also let firms easily deliver legacy applications.”

“Though Citrix has not revealed a shipping date for the product,
at its iForum show in Florida last week it showed a version of
MetaFrame running on Sun’s Solaris that was obviously well along
the development path. Privately, officials said they are also
working on ports for other Unixes, including Linux.”

“We’re agnostic,” said Ed Iacobucci, Citrix’s chairman and
founder. “We go where the applications are,” he added.

The new product would let companies avoid Microsoft’s hefty
licensing fees for Windows-based terminals. For example, a
Linux-based MetaFrame could be used to distribute Sun’s StarOffice
— a free productivity application suite — to an ICA device for a
fraction of the setup costs of a Windows NTand Office 2000-based