ZDNet.UK: Key developer leaves Mozilla

“Prominent Mozilla developer and crusader Mike Shaver confirmed
Wednesday that he is to leave AOL/Netscape’s open-source browser
project Mozilla at the end of the month for a new job.”

“Shaver released a statement on the Mozilla.org Web site putting
to bed rumours about his imminent departure. “Rumours are always
more frightening than the truth, so I’d like to set things
straight,” he wrote. “January 31, 2000 is my last day as an
employee of AOL/Netscape, and it will also mark the end of my
full-time involvement with Mozilla.”

“Shaver won’t reveal any information about his new employer, but
says that his new job won’t stop him contributing to

“It’s very important to me that people don’t misinterpret
this as a vote of no-confidence in Mozilla or mozilla.org. I’m
certain that Mozilla will be a resounding success,”