ZDNet UK: Linux coming to PDAs

“Mobile Linux is optimised for Transmeta’s Crusoe processor,
with device driver support and enhancement for the company’s
LongRun power management technology. The operating system will also
have a more compact Bios, a Flash-based file system, improved power
management and a smaller memory footprint than current Linux
distributions. Transmeta engineers have rewritten the file system
of Mobile Linux to be more compact, while adding features such as
sorting and error checking.”

“Linux developer, Transvirtual, has also demonstrated a Compaq
iPaq handheld computer running its PocketLinux version of the
operating system, connected to the Internet using a wireless LAN
card. Vice president of marketing, Tony Fader, said that Linux has
a lot going for it in this area. “The rate of driver production is
accelerated by open source. Companies are making sure that a
[Linux] port is available before they launch.”

“Compaq has been helping mobile Linux developers for some time.
As well as sponsoring the open-source software organisation
Handhelds.org, it launched its Open Handheld Programme last June
-­ an initiative that included the release of source code for
PocketLinux. “The port of Linux to the Compaq iPaq is designed to
encourage the development of novel user interfaces, applications
and research,” said Bob Ianucci, vice president of corporate
research at Compaq.”


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