ZDNet: We eat, sleep and drink greed

“Are you ready for Burn All GIFs Day?

“The event, which so far isn’t scheduled for an actual date, was
started in anger over the discovery that Unisys is making a new
effort to extract royalties out of US patent 4,558,302, commonly
known as the LZW compression method.”

“Of course, this means that GIFs are off-limits to open source

“Unisys began pursuing its patent claims against companies whose
graphics software was capable of writing GIF-format files. To let
everyone know it was serious, Unisys in 1998 went after Corel and
was able to get retroactive fees in an out-of-court

“Unisys now says that it wants a $5,000 license from anyone
running a Web site that contains GIF files made by unlicensed
creation software.”

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