ZDNet: Who Gave Microsoft Control of Your IT Costs? You Did

[ Thanks to Les Brunswick for
this link. ]

“In response to my recent column about Forgent’s belated JPEG
patent claim, ZDNet reader Steve Fischer wondered, with some
sarcasm, how I could be so critical of Forgent, while I let
Microsoft off the hook for what he considered to be an equally
extortionist act: a new licensing plan.

“So, what I’m about to say may not sit well with most of you:
More power to Microsoft. In fact, more power to any company that
manages to hook its customers on proprietary features.

“Admittedly, when you took the road more traveled and ended up
beholden to Microsoft, there wasn’t–for the most part–an
alternate route–at least not one that offered the true advantages
of standards. (Linux could change things)…”

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