ZDNet: Zend Sticks to Basics; a Linux IDE for PHP

“The IDE Client is written in Java (it requires Java 1.3) and
supports most recent versions of Linux, as well as Windows 98,
Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0. The Debug Server requires PHP
4.0.3 or higher and Apache 1.3.x; it is supported on Linux, Sun
Microsystems Inc.’s Solaris and FreeBSD. … We tested both Zend
IDE Client and Debug Server using Debian Project’s Debian GNU/Linux
2.2. Setup of Zend IDE Client and Debug Server on Linux was
moderately complex, but the included instructions made the install
relatively painless.”

“The editing features of Zend IDE Client provide a substantial
subset of the features we would expect in a programmer’s editor,
but the editor alone won’t woo Unix PHP developers away from their
near-religious devotion to emacs or vi. Zend IDE Client provides
HTML code completion, cross-file searching (but not replacement)
and configurable syntax coloring for both HTML and PHP code.”

“Overall, the Debug Server is the most advanced feature of
the Zend IDE. Once we deployed files to a PHP server running Zend
Debug Server, we were able to set watches and breakpoints, step
through or over our code, stop or pause the debugger, view debug
messages, and monitor the resulting output.”

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