Zocks.de: Interview with Mathieu Pinard from Tribsoft

[ Linux Today reader Matt Williams
writes: ]

This is an interview with Mathieu Pinard from Tribsoft Inc.
talking about their efforts in porting Jagged Alliance 2 to
(in German, with english translation below).”

From the article:

“When did you start thinking about porting to Linux?”

“When I was an OS/2 user, it was very hard to get new games. It
was about 1994 when I first wanted to do games for alternative OS,
but I didn’t have the time to make games. In 1999, I really wanted
to start something, and porting was the ideal solution because
doing a new games would have been too big, too long and too risky.
In the end, porting games was a good choice since it allow us to
work on the best games that were done by great programmers.”

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