internetnews.com: IBM, Sun Launch Competing Grid Schemes

IBM Launches Public Grid Computing Project

“IBM hopes to give a boost to large-scale public grid computing
projects with the launch of the new ‘World Community Grid.’

“Such public projects–where computer users volunteer spare
processing power to create a virtual supercomputer to solve complex
problems–are nothing new, but having Big Blue’s weight behind such
efforts will no doubt raise their profile. It will also likely draw
more attention to grid computing’s commercial benefits, something
Big Blue has been pushing since mid-2001…”


Sun Lights Up $1 Grid

“Sun Microsystems continued its disruptive pricing strategy this
week with a new grid computing offer that costs $1 per -CPU,
per-hour to use.

“‘CIOs around the world should begin benchmarking their internal
grid infrastructures against our announced price of $1 CPU/hour and
begin to consider the advantages of moving toward a
service-oriented data center, rather than a custom-built grid,’
Jonathan Schwartz, Sun president and COO said. The outspoken No. 2
man at Sun called the radical per-CPU, per-hour pricing a new
market opportunity for the company…”