IW: PolyServe Announces LocalCluster Server Clustering Software For High Availability

“PolyServe, the leading provider of software-based, distributed
server clustering technology, announced today the immediate
availability of LocalCluster, PolyServe’s software-only solution
offering high availability (HA) and load balancing for web, file,
email, and TCP/IP servers. LocalCluster builds on the success the
company has had to date with its HA server clustering application
“Understudy”, initially released at the end of 1999. With the
release of LocalCluster, customers can slash fixed IT hardware and
administrative costs, improve service levels and accelerate
ebusiness growth rates. Customers also benefit from LocalCluster’s
broad OS platform support, ease of maintenance and implementation
and reporting features. A detailed Fact Sheet on LocalCluster can
be found at www.polyserve.com/localcluster.html.”

LocalCluster is the only high availability software product
on the market that is both a completely distributed network
clustering solution and an integrated data clustering
,” said Vince Schiavo, President of PolyServe. “We are
able to replicate web data across the servers in the cluster to
guarantee clients see the same data, regardless of which host is
servicing requests. Since both the network and data clustering is
done in software, with no single point of failure, we can offer
this solution at a breakthrough price,” continued Mr. Schiavo.
“LocalCluster saves time and money by eliminating the need to
manually synchronize all files in the cluster. Web managers will no
longer have to update all servers when a web change is made for
their site,” said Mr. Schiavo.”

“LocalCluster is initially available for Linux and will
subsequently be available for Sun Solaris, Windows 2000 and

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