LinuxHPC.org: Will The Linux Penguin End Up Flipping Microsoft the Bird?

“It was more than half a decade ago that Bill Gates took time
out of his busy schedule to helicopter into Sophia Antipolis, DEC’s
research center near Valbonne, France, and the new home of the
DEC-Microsoft Joint European Briefing Center (obviously, The
Assimilation was well underway). After the obligatory content-free
speech, Gates took a few questions from the audience. One of the
first was from SKHPC, who, in a rare moment of political
correctness, asked His Gatesness what impact he felt Linux would
have on commercial desktop UNIX OSes (specifically not on Microsoft

“It is with great pleasure that I can report that I was the only
analyst in the audience capable of flummoxing Mister Gates: given
his rambling. incoherent answer to my simple question, it was
intuitively obvious that that the guy couldn’t even SPELL Linux,
much less figure out what it was. Looks like he missed the boat,
and given Microsoft’s experience with the Internet and the
long-awaited yet ill-defined .NET, the good ship Linux isn’t the
only vessel that set sail before Gates embarked…”


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