LinuxProgramming: ActiveState releases Perl Dev Kit 2.0 for Perl 5.6

“ActiveState, a leading supplier of products and services
supporting open source infrastructure software, announced today the
availability of a new version of the Perl Dev Kit. PDK 2.0 now
allows remote debugging of Perl scripts running on Unix and Windows
platforms as well as on a Web server. PDK’s enhanced tools enable
novice and experienced developers to develop, debug, and deploy
code more quickly. PDK customers include: large telecom, financial,
computer, ISP, aerospace and educational institutions.”

“‘Our customers use PDK tools to build and deploy software
quickly and reliably,’ stated Dick Hardt, ActiveState Founder &
CEO. ‘Programmers will find increased levels of productivity with
PDK 2.0’s compatibility with Perl 5.6 and Windows 2000, improved
startup time and richer functionality….'”

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