London Stock Exchange moves to Linux (Fastest stock exchange on the planet)

[ Thanks to Steven J.
for this link. ]

“Two years ago, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) with
its TradElec Windows-based C# and .NET programs crashed and took
out the Exchange for almost 7-hours. That’s an eternity in stock
market terms. Months later, the LSE’s CEO was history, and the LSE
announced that it was dumping TradElec. Last year, the LSE
announced that it was going to move to Linux. Now, the LSE is just
about ready to switch over to Linux. Not only does it work, the new
Linux-powered LSE runs faster than any other stock exchange on the

“I’m not surprised. If you want real speed and stability, you
want to run Linux. The LSE has moved to Linux for the same reason
the vast majority of supercomputers run Linux — it’s faster and

“The LSE’s new system, Millennium Exchange, is based around

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