PRNewswire: TimeSys Corporation Announces TimeSys Linux/RT, a Real-time Version of Linux

“Dr. Raj Rajkumar, Co-Founder and Chairman of TimeSys, stated:
‘TimeSys Linux/RT is better than the alternative solution because
TimeSys Linux/RT actually extends the Linux kernel, rather than
adding a proprietary non-Linux RTOS as an abstraction layer between
Linux and the system hardware.
By enhancing the actual
operating system, engineers can build hard real-time systems with
TimeSys Linux/RT, while enjoying the reliability and stability that
have become the hallmark characteristics of the Linux
OS.’ “

“The TimeSys Linux/RT architecture ensures that if a single
real-time process crashes, the rest of the processes, as well as
the kernel, will still run. This solves a major problem associated
with the alternative, in which the entire Linux operating system
could fail if a single process crashes. Nonetheless, TimeSys
Linux/RT also offers engineers the ability to incorporate a layer
called RTAI (Real-Time Applications Interface), which furnishes
high performance and small system footprint characteristics.”

“The TimeSys Linux/RT operating system will be available in
April from TimeSys Corporation at no cost via the Internet, and on
CD-ROM for a nominal fee. TimeSys will support TimeSys Linux/RT by
offering a complete spectrum of fully interoperable software
products, training, customization, consulting, and application
engineering services that support all phases of software
development for real-time systems.”

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