Scientific Linux 6.0 Released

“There are several methods for installing SL 6.0, including from
a full DVD distribution .iso file or over the network. The SL site
also offers a live CD for testing purposes. This version works well
if you want to give SL a spin using a virtualization tool like
Virtualbox. You’ll want to give the virtual machine at least 1GB of
memory and a minimium disk size of 20 GB.

“The SL website provides an annotated installation guide
complete with screenshots to guide you through the process. You’ll
find guides for both initial installation or an upgrade from a
previous version. If you choose to do a network install, you may
need to configure your network devices. Several screenshots detail
what needs to be entered to get your computer connected to the
network. If you choose the Live CD route, there’s also an option to
install permanently, should you choose to do so. The default user
environment is based on GNOME, so if you’re a KDE fan you’ll have
to install that manually.”

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