Sorry Rackspace Et Al, Ubuntu To Offer OpenStack Hosted, CloudFoundry Based PaaS

Details are scant but sources tell me that Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical and leader of the Ubuntu operating system, is today announcing at the OpenStack summit a CloudFoundry based solution on top of OpenStack as the Ubuntu direction for PaaS. With the realization that this sounds very much like inside baseball to the vast majority of readers, this is important, or at least mildly interesting, for a number of reasons:

– Just last week a Rackspace led consortium announced a project on top of OpenStack, Solum. Solum was based on a small amount of trial code written within Rackspace and seemed to be made up of vendors struggling to differentiate in either the PaaS or the OpenStack spaces. I wrote when the Solum announcement was made that it was a knee jerk reaction that felt like it had little of substance. Subsequent articles from other seemed to agree with that contention