TechWeb: Microsoft Removes Clustering From Windows 2000

“The Redmond, Wash.,-based software company said Monday that it
has removed the Component Load Balancing feature from the Windows
2000 Advanced Server and Datacenter Server Release Candidate 2 beta
test code due Wednesday…”

“While Microsoft said it was a packaging decision, the decision
likely will raise the eyebrows of corporate sites considering
switching from Unix systems to Windows 2000 for 24×7
mission-critical applications, some analysts said…”

The reality is most people who do clustering do it on a
Unix machine or [IBM’s] S390 for the very high-end,” Eunice said.
“People don’t trust Microsoft to build high-availability, and this
was part of their high availability pitch for Windows 2000. It
hurts Microsoft’s credibility in the high-end space
,” he