The VMFS-3 Virtual Blockade

“Filesystem block size rarely enters the sparkling dialog at
your noontime geekfest where movie one-liners and song lyrics
replace actual conversation but today is different. The ticking of
thumbs halts in mid-text when someone at the table opens up an
intellectual volley with, “Have you ever seen the error that there
isn’t enough space on the filesystem for the selected operation in
Virtual Center?” The puzzled faces stare back as if someone had
just announced that iPads are on sale for half price. But, before
you, or they, have a chance to react to this obviously simple
problem of insufficient disk space, the problem isn’t insufficient
disk space.

“All the years of accepting the default block size when
formatting new disks pass before your mind’s eye with curiosity.
Don’t decide at this late date that all your efforts were magnetic
dust in the wind. All is not lost. Nor are you sentenced to suffer
more painful lyric references.”