VirtualBox 6.0.2 Released with Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.4

VirtualBox 6.0 brought numerous new features and improvements to the open-source and cross-platform virtualization software used by millions of computer users worldwide to run multiple operating systems on their PCs. These include a major user interface revamp, the ability to export virtual machines to the Oracle Cloud infrastructure, better 4K/HiDPI support for high-end displays, and support for Linux kernel 4.20. VirtualBox 6.0.2 is the first maintenance update to the VirtualBox 6.0 series, adding support for building the VirtualBox drivers on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.4 operating system, implementing a new virtual optical disk creation window in the UI, making the VirtualBoxVM command accessible on Linux and macOS hosts, supporting older Linux kernels for building the shared folder driver, and fixing resetting of USB devices on Linux guests.