Vista — The Most Secure Enterprise OS?

“That’s what he said at the MidMarket CIO Summit held in Redmond
in early April. Really, he did. I’m not kidding. What a load of
utter, utter, nonsense: If Vista is the most secure OS on the
planet then I am a banana.

“But before any Linux, or OS X, or UNIX users get too smug,
don’t forget that those OSes aren’t all that secure either. The
reason is that they haven’t been designed in such a way as to be
secure or reliable.

“The biggest problem with these common OSes is the size of the
kernel. Not only are they too large to be easily manageable, but
they also fail to obey the principal of least authority (POLA): A
system should be componentized so a bug in one component cannot do
damage in another, and each component should have the authority it
needs and no more.”


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