10 obscure Linux office applications you need to try

“If you’ve ever checked out the list of applications available
for the Linux operating system, you know there are tons of them out
there. The only problem is determining which ones are worth trying.
This is especially true of the office applications. You could dig
through those apps for hours just to come up with a handful of
gems. So I thought I would do the grunt work for you and highlight
10 of the more obscure applications that actually have valid use in
your workplace. These tools range in scope and purpose, but each
one of them offers an obvious business value.

“1: PDF Chain

“PDF Chain is a great graphical tool that allows you to merge,
split, set background/watermark, and add attachments to PDF
documents. It’s a front end for pdftk and is written in gtkmm. You
can merge up to 26 PDFs into one file. You can also rotate pages,
set permissions for pages, and encrypt pages. If you work with PDF
documents, PDF Chain is a must-have on the Linux platform.

“2: gLabels”