10 Reasons Not to Use Linux (Reflexion)

“5. The terminal is the antichrist and want to destroy us

“Linux has evolved significantly, and in most cases everything
is done via windows and mouse clicks. But the terminal is still
there, waiting to use it and laugh at you with such messages as
“incorrect command, do not know what
you’re talking about, installing more packages
that still have room on the disk, a goat to root me.â€
Do not do away with your patience and your
friends’ computer.

“6. Because it running smoothly is an odyssey

“There are lucky people who installed Ubuntu on his laptop to
the first, and it works webcam and Wi-Fi. Urban legends aside,
Linux is often impossible to make everything work perfectly, either
because it does not recognize a peripheral or tells you
it’s incompatible or simply because we have
been old for futuristic visuals of the latest distro of the day .
And they say Windows Vista.”

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