13 surprises from Kubuntu 12.04

Kubuntu 12.04 has the same boot mechanism as the previous version 11.10. It copies Ubuntu’s behaviour, although with a slightly changed interface. System boots automatically for some time, finally leaving you with selection between “Try Kubuntu” and “Install Kubuntu”. This screen has similar choice, including set of languages, to the ones in Ubuntu and Xubuntu 12.04, although design of the window is radically different.

My choice, obviously, was the “Try Kubuntu” option.

Once selection was made, it took the system some more time to get me to the desktop screen.

I have noted in my Ubuntu 12.04 review that the system took more time to boot up to a window with Try/Install options than to make final preparations. I would say that it was 80-20 proportion. Kubuntu’s proportions are 60-40, so total waiting time for Kubuntu Live boot is more than for Ubuntu. I can say this is surprise #2.