15 Must-Have Linux Desktop Apps

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“Recently it was brought to my attention that all the
desktop Linux hoopla in the world doesn’t mean squat without
compelling applications to get the end user interested. To address
this need, I’ve rounded up fifteen powerful Linux applications that
reflect the best that Linux has to offer the desktop user, both in
and out of the enterprise environment.

“This is not meant to diminish any excluded apps. Instead my
goal is to showcase applications that I’ve found to be really
powerful for the typical Linux user.

“1. Kontact – Even though I’m partial to the GNOME desktop
and many of the applications found within it, there is something
amazing about certain KDE applications. One of the best is actually
a bundle of applications known as Kontact. Out of all of the
components provided, the three most used pieces included with the
suite are Kmail, KaddressBook and Korganizer.”

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