2011: The Year of Linux Disappointments

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“On August 15, LinuxCon celebrated the twentieth anniversary of
the Linux kernel with a Roaring Twenties party, complete with swing
bands and tuxedos and flapper costumes. The milestone was one that
conference attendees were happy to celebrate, despite the obvious
embarrassment of Linus Torvalds himself.

“Unfortunately, 2011 as a whole didn’t measure up to those few
hours of partying. In fact, whether you are looking at business,
the community, or the technology, for free and open source software
(FOSS), 2011 was in many ways a disappointing year.

“Not that any great disaster struck in the last twelve months.
For many — even most — businesses and community projects, the
year was routine, with new products and releases rolling out like
any other year.”

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