32BitsOnline: A GNU/Linux New Desktop Hardware Proposal

Author Paul Ferris gives us a list of reasons why Linux should
be the new desktop of choice and why it should be pre-loaded on all
new personal computers.

  • GNU/Linux is inexpensive
  • GNU/Linux provides for more diversity in hardware choices
  • GNU/Linux is new!
  • GNU/Linux is more powerful and faster on the same hardware
  • It’s cool!
  • GNU/Linux is net-centric
  • GNU/Linux will cost less to support
  • GNU/Linux has open source code, providing for a broader base of
    hardware support
  • GNU/Linux is more secure
  • GNU/Linux sells more hardware
  • GNU/Linux sells more software
  • GNU/Linux will provide a vertical integration not present today
    with open systems
  • Many people won’t even care what GNU/Linux is
  • GNU/Linux will allow you more room for vendor

“Wake up! Look around. The playing field can be leveled, and the
ultimate leveler – GNU/Linux is here.”

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