32BitsOnline: Rebel.com’s Netwinder: Little box, big value

“Imagine my surprise when the delivery guy set a package in my
hands that looked about the same size as a keyboard box in terms if
width and depth, but twice as thick.”So this is going to be a mail
server for 100 people, huh?” I wondered and took the parcel inside,
popped it open to see what Rebel.com had wrought. I stood and
looked for some time, amused and a little incredulous at what
appeared to be a cartoon rendition of a radio from the future.
Something you might see at Spacely Sprockets, from the

“As I stated earlier, all one needs to administer the netwinder
“the old fashioned way” on a command line is to attach a keyboard,
mouse and monitor and go to it. However, there is a set of admin
pages that every major distro out there could learn a thing or two
from, (IMHO) all attainable through a browser from the LAN.
Thinking about it, the setup of this box is easier and quicker than
the last NT4 server I had to set up, too. Linux hard to use?

I cannot stress how easy the administration of the
Netwinder is; the tools are ready for the “real world” test of
administrators without much Linux experience.
I would
recommend the Netwinder as a product you could place in an
organization that wants to see what this “linux thing” is about,
but doesn’t want to commit to training their administrators from
the ground up, or having to go to the expense of hiring a firm to
build the interfaces for the services available in this little

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