35 Amazing Android Apps: Inform, Update, Manage

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“Have Android app, will travel. In the digital age,
managing the steady deluge of information that confronts you every
day can be a challenge. But with the right apps, the Android can be
a powerful tool to help you stay on top of that deluge.

“There are Android apps to manage your news feeds, gather the
weather, find the scores of your favorite sports teams, track your
finances and keep up-to-date with your appointments and updates of
all kinds.

“To help you find the cream of the crop, here’s a list of 35 of
the best Android apps for tracking, managing and updating your

“1) NewsRob This is an excellent, plain but functional Google
Reader client with built-in syncing for off-line reading. Free and
paid. The free version features ads. NewsRob Pro goes for $7; it
removes the ads and adds exclusive features for power users.

“2) FeedR News Reader This RSS reader lets you stay on top of
news, sports weather, blogs and even podcasts and other content as
well. It supports RSS, Atom and Pod. There are no ads, and it makes
searching for RSS feeds a snap. You can even backup/restore your
feed ist to your SD card. Paid: $0.99.”

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